• Andre Kasberger

    ♦ Chief Dot Connector ♦

  • The Reason I Do What I Do

    The what, how and why whether Internet Markeitng or ecommerce

    As the Chief Dot Connector I meet many entrepreneurial type individuals and business owners that are:

    • stuck, 
    • undecided on where to go next or,
    • just wasted a lot of time and money on on-line marketing efforts that just didn't work out.

    If any of these resonate with you, this is where I can help. I'm the guy you want to see before you implement.


    My passion and mission is to provide you with the insights, resources and connections that get you unstuck from where you are and empower you to move to the next level.


    How do I do that, you may ask? The first step is for us to connect, have a brief discovery discussion about where you want to go and decide on how and whether we should move forward. Just send me a message in the Contact form below.

    How did I get here? In addition to pursuing my own business ventures, for a period of 5 years I had the privilege of being the host and facilitator of a very successful Mastermind group, where on a weekly basis we had the opportunity to change lives and careers.


    Much of the credit goes to the open discussions and information sharing about business issues among the 25 - 50+ weekly attendees. To a great extent, the catalyst were the over 200 Internet and marketing focused presentations given by industry experts, to which I had a front row seat.


    Perhaps even more importantly, as I developed my own Internet and eCommerce ventures, I've hit many, if not most, of the issues in building a business and in the process learned to connect the right dots.


    Prior to this I spent over 25 years in Product Marketing in the technology sector. In addition my wife and I have owned two business of our own.


    I've had my share of successes and not so successful ventures. The key for me and something I'd like to pass along to all is to never give up and look at the so called "failures" as lessons learned and stepping stones to something greater. Keep in mind that success is a journey and not a destination. So keep on keeping on!





     Sarasota, Florida Area


    Get in touch with me, let me know what you'd like to cover and let's start connecting those dots.

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