• How's Your Life's Journey Going?

    Does your journey look like the picture on the right?

    Now....be honest about it.

    If it is, don't feel bad, you are not alone. At one time or another most of us will find ourselves facing bumps, stops and detours along our life’s journey. I trust that the information shared on this page will empower you along your life's journey.


    First let me clarify why I believe that life is a journey. Many may disagree with me on this one and argue that life is a series of goals to be achieved. My argument is that, way too frequently once we achieve a goal, it in itself can become an endpoint to our journey and we may just stop.


    I think you'll agree with me that once you stop, it’s much harder to get going again. Whereas when viewing life as a journey, the goals, as well as the unexpected bumps and rough patches become markers and part of that journey. During a journey, you always have something to look forward to.


    That’s what this site is about and what we’ll be focusing on. Sharing empowering tips and insights that lift us up, dust us off and get us moving on the best possible journey. Below is a sampling of the type of topics we’ll be covering.


    Finding Your True Passion: How many times have we entrepreneurial types heard the words; “Just pursue your passion.” I’ve gone round and round on this one till I understood what that really means and...it's not necessarily what we are able to do or have done well in the past.


    It's Hard To Keep Your Goal In Front Of You: For many, as it was for me, this one can be a major obstacle to achieving a set goal. At the outset it may be very clear and we attack it with gusto, until we encounter what we sometimes “perceive” as an obstacle. Great discussion topic.


    We Create Our Own Reality: An important topic with far reaching consequences that touches all areas of our lives; may it be home, personal and business. Once I gained new insights into this one, one of the benefits was having my blood pressure drop by over 15 points.


    We’ll explore these and many more in depth in our Blog Posts and other media. I welcome and encourage you to share your insights and life lessons that you may enjoy sharing with others. Unless you wish to remain ananymous, you’ll get the credit for the insight.


    Use the form below for the initial contact with me. Let’s get to AWESOME.


    P.S. Never Give Up.

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